Power Sightseeing

Today I have probably seen everything in Dublin. While it was snowing at the airport, I woke up in a sunny city, probably the best weather they’ve ever had according to the locals.
After my morning tea, I decided to walk towards the city center. Bad decision. Somehow all the traffic lights in Dublin take ages to turn green such that all pedestrians don’t care about these anymore. Being an upstanding citizen I waited for green lights first, but decided to adapt to Irish behaviour after a while (don’t try this at home).
This might be easy for the locals, but I had some serious issues with all the cars approaching from the wrong side. Luckily there are hints where to look first.P1000094
Below you will find some more pictures of what I have seen in the city today which means that I have somehow managed to concentrate on something else than just the traffic.
In the evening one of my hostelmates took me to a pub where I met her language course fellows from France, Spain and Switzerland.
Tomorrow I will have my first house viewing.



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