Orientation Week

Finally I have got some minutes to write a new entry. It has been a busy week.
Since I didn’t really find more attractive alternatives, I moved into the flat I mentioned in my last post, on Monday. It is nice to finally have a place that I can call home. I even got a second bed in my room which might be perfect for visitors 😉
After that the orientation week started. Unfortunately I have to disappoint everyone who is thinking of Uppsala’s crazy orientation week because it is not really like there.
The first difference is the lower number of international students and events hosted by the university. And also, most of the events focus on organization rather than social interaction and getting to know fellow international students.
I received my UCard which is basically my student ID, and I need it for entering the library, printing, and I can even purchase items in the various shops on campus.
The second card I bought was my student leap card which is the bus card for students. With this card the bus spend will be capped at 5 euro per day or 20 euro per week which is, as far as I know, the best deal you can get in Dublin. I think, however, about getting a bicycle.
Most of the students I have met so far are from Germany, France or from the US and study something related to finance or business. I really haven’t met any people from other programmes yet, but that will change on Monday, I guess, when I go to my first classes.
It has been a great time so far, and I especially enjoy the various pub nights.
Tomorrow I am going to visit Kilkenny, so you may hope for some nice pictures.


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