Being in Kilkenny today, especially in the castle, felt like a déjà vu. Oh right I have been there before. Even if it was 10 years ago I remembered some places. Nevertheless the city was bigger and way more boring back then.
Except for maybe one or two exceptions everyone on this trip came from the US. That means I have learned a lot about the differences between America and Ireland, especially concerning food and drinking habits.
We explored the city center first and I have finally made it to the spire of St. Canice’s Cathedral:

We grabbed a cup of tea (tea is big in Ireland) in the lovely little café called “The Hole in the Wall”. This is a definitely must see in Kilkenny. Make sure to learn about the history of this place while being there.
As we didn’t have much time left, we rushed to the castle to catch our tour.
After an hour of history we moved on to the Dunmore Cave, the darkest cave in Ireland. Why was everyone so scared of bats? Aren’t those rather cute little fellas?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to take more pictures, but I hope you have got the idea that Kilkenny is worth a visit.

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