St. Patrick’s Day

Finally an entry about why I came to Dublin in the first place and why you really didn’t miss anything if you spent your St. Patrick’s day anywhere else.
I was looking forward to this day for a long time, made plans about my outfit and where to go. Finally on that day I went to see the parade in the morning. Unfortunately I was too late to get a spot to see properly what was going on. But at least I can tell that it wasn’t the party I was looking for. The parade is more suitable for families. However, I don’t regret going there and here are some pictures I took:

After the parade I stayed in the city centre, mainly in and around temple bar although temple bar was so packed that the police had to close off the area. Beside the fact that the city was more crowded and everybody wore something green it felt like yet another usual day in temple bar: tourists everywhere and you have to wait for ages to get your pint of beer. After pubcrawling the entire afternoon I called it a day and went home a little bit disappointed. Now I get why most of the Irish people don’t celebrate this day in the city centre, but rather stay at home for house parties. Here are some more pictures:

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