I know it’s been a while since my last entry, but I haven’t forgotten about the blog. So let me wrap up things briefly. My absence was mainly due to a lot of college related stress … and due to visitors, travelling around Ireland, and just having the craic 🙂
Phew, so many assignments and exams! I totally underestimated the workload I had to do. While there were hardly any assignments during the first month, there were quite a few compulsory assignments in the last two months. Especially the course Advanced Computational Science led to major headaches.
I have never been faced with continuous assessment in university and neither with compulsory attendence during lectures. This is certainly a rather subjective issue, but I prefer to have an end of semester exam only. Other than that I can’t complain about the teaching at UCD.
Exams are held like in Uppsala, i.e. squeezing more than thousand students in a windowless exam hall. You have to pay for the cloakroom though and exams usually take two hours instead of five.
All in all I am quite satisfied with my college experience although I would not want to continue studying at UCD.

Beside studying I did two roadtrips along the west coast of Ireland. I mainly stayed on the Wild Atlantic Way and I saw everything between Connemara and Dingle which is close to the Ring of Kerry.

The second time I went to county Donnegal and the Slieve League cliffs. Although the Cliffs of Moher are the most famous cliffs in Ireland, the Slieve League cliffs are higher and more beautiful in my opinion:

So after all, what are my favourite places in Ireland?
The most beautiful landscapes I have seen were the Mizen Head, the Loop Head, the Dingle Peninsula, the Slieve League cliffs, and Dunluce Castle. Around Dublin I can highly recommend the Bray Head, Howth, and my personal favourite: Killiney Hill.

Now that my Erasmus experience has come to an end I can say that I did everything right by going to Dublin. I would do it again. I am thankful for all the experiences I made, all the people I have met, and the numerous friends who visited me here in Dublin to distract me from studying … no seriously guys, you came in multitudes 😀

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