Dún Laoghaire and Howth

I came to the conclusion that the bus system in Dublin is the worst I have seen so far: it’s expensive, if you don’t have a leap card (get one if you stay for some days), you need the correct change in coins, most of the time you don’t know when to get off, and there are no serious night busses. Nevertheless, I am interested in moving to one of the suburban areas of Dublin.
After viewing the room yesterday, I strolled around the nearby harbour in Dún Laoghaire. It was beautiful and I got excited in living close to the seaside.

After that I went to my new university, the UCD (University College Dublin). It is a huge campus area which looks quite modern and has a lot of green areas and some lakes. I look forward to studying there.

Today I decided to visit Howth which is a peninsula in the north of Dublin. Thank you Elin for the recommendation! Although it wasn’t as sunny as yesterday, it was less windy and thus not as freezing as usual.
I got off the bus in a small fishing village and strolled about the pier. It was crowded with tourist from mainly France, Spain, and Germany.

I hiked around the cliffs and got stunning views on Dublin and the Irish sea. I should have used more proper shoes though since the path was muddy and hence slippery which can be quite dangerous so close to the cliffs.

After two hours of hiking I rewarded myself with delicious fish and chips.


Power Sightseeing

Today I have probably seen everything in Dublin. While it was snowing at the airport, I woke up in a sunny city, probably the best weather they’ve ever had according to the locals.
After my morning tea, I decided to walk towards the city center. Bad decision. Somehow all the traffic lights in Dublin take ages to turn green such that all pedestrians don’t care about these anymore. Being an upstanding citizen I waited for green lights first, but decided to adapt to Irish behaviour after a while (don’t try this at home).
This might be easy for the locals, but I had some serious issues with all the cars approaching from the wrong side. Luckily there are hints where to look first.P1000094
Below you will find some more pictures of what I have seen in the city today which means that I have somehow managed to concentrate on something else than just the traffic.
In the evening one of my hostelmates took me to a pub where I met her language course fellows from France, Spain and Switzerland.
Tomorrow I will have my first house viewing.


First Day in Dublin

After a pleasant flight I arrived in a cloudy, but not rainy Dublin (Dublin with German “u” and not “a”). Immediately I felt home reading all the airport signs in Swedish and English. But wait – why I am not capable of reading Swedish anymore? Oh right, that’s not Swedish, it’s Irish…oops.
I took the bus towards the city center. It took me 10 minutes to realize that the bus driver was driving on the wrong side of the road. I was busy figuering out when I had to get off the bus, since there was no indication about the next, not even the latest bus stop. Well, I ended up getting off way too early and taking a 20 minute walk through the beautiful student area Drumcondra. Everything looks like Harry Potter here.
When I finally arrived at my hostel, people already waited for me and showed me around. Someone even cooked dinner for me. I felt at home immediately. Sitting in the kitchen for hours, playing guitar, and talking about music and travelling was the perfect end of a beautiful first day. Now I have to find a permanent place to stay, but tomorrow I will discover the city center first.